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New Look, same Mirvan

With the recent influx of free time and my Altair plans falling through, I decided that a few changes needed to happen. For one thing, this website in particular has been “Under Construction” for well over a year, and I’d like to really do some things with it. So, here we are. Phase one of “rebuilding my community” is complete, with the website rebuilt and blog started, and Twitch integration has been built directly into my page. Views may not count for anything from here, but you can now visit this website and watch my stream when I go live.

Next, I decided I wanted my community to have a safe and fun place they can hang out, on and off stream. So, I scrapped the Discord server, and started fresh. Now, everyone has access, and supporters get more out of it. From self-promotion channels and shoutouts when they go live, to community game nights and hang outs, I wanted to be sure that my supporters get their money’s worth. I even did a little something for the folks who have been with me through thick and thin, so I created my VIP list and have it set up so they get something a little special.

I also decided to redo my Ko-Fi tiers. Now, it’s just one tier at the low, low price of $1. $1 a month gives me a little extra to support the stream, and gets my supporters a little extra in the Discord. And when I get affiliate back, the subscribers will be able to get their normal Twitch benefits, as well as the premium bits of the Discord.

Overall, I feel like I made the right move here. We’ll definitely see what happens moving forward, and I’m looking forward to this journey.