Makings, Machinations, and Ministrations


I accept PayPal for convenience. Fees can also be paid directly to my Ko-Fi, found in the links. For more information, or to request a service, contact me by e-mail.

  • Live-Stream Production: If you’re needing someone to handle the scene changes while you host your live stream, I’m happy to help out. $15/hour, with a $30 deposit. This includes scene set-up time in OBS, sound checks, and pre-show adjustments, and all time will be tracked and invoiced. A stream key will need to be provided. Will stream to all major platforms as requested.
    • If you require me to moderate as well as produce, an additional $5/hour will be charged.
    • I will vet anyone that is appearing on any streams I produce. I do not tolerate any discrimination based on neurodivergence, age, gender, sexuality, or race.
    • Charity Stream Production: If the stream is for a charity, I do not charge anything. If you offer payment, I ask that the payment go directly to the charity.
  • Moderation: $15/hour. Includes detailed reasoning behind any bans that may occur. Minimum $15 deposit required.

Store for Hand Made Goods coming soon!


Upcoming Events!

Friday, April 29th, 2022, 4 PM CDT: Wagon Wheel on Greater Restoration’s charity weekend!

Regular Schedule

Friday, 9 PM CDT: Phasmophobia with the Discount Ghostbusters! (Current playing Dokapon Kingdom, but Phasmophobia resumes in May!)

Random streams throughout the week as time allows


Freelance IT work, only available in Western Kentucky (Paducah Area)

  • Computer Troubleshooting and Repair: $30+$20/hour. This includes the travel to your home/office and the troubleshooting of your computer, peripherals, and/or network. Parts not included, but quote will be provided for any parts required.
    • If I cannot fix the problem due to complexity, I will refund everything beyond the initial $30 and recommend a solution.
    • I offer a 30 day warranty on my work. For 30 days following repair, if same issue pops up, I come back for free (minus any parts that may be required).
  • Computer Design and Building: Cost of Parts + 20% labor. I will design, build, and install a computer based on your needs and specifications.
    • I will provide updates on parts based on tracking information provided
    • 30 day warranty on labor
    • I will provide all information for warranty on parts
    • Delivery contingent on receipt of final payment.