Future of the Stream

Nothing I want to say about the situation we’re seeing sounds good, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Twitch shit the bed. Again. And while I keep coming back to them because it’s the easiest, I’m tired of my support going to a company that takes half of what I send to friends, and then shitting all over them with their horrific business decisions out of the Elongated Muskrat playbook. From Partner Plus, to the new “nobody can simulcast at all (unless it’s on Insta or TikTok)” rules implemented at the start of June, they have just been AWFUL. It’s like they’ve been rolling downhill at break-neck speeds since the days of the hate raids.

Starting in July, I will be simulcasting to multiple other platforms and ignoring Twitch completely. I’ll be unifying those platforms by using Discord as my in-stream chat. Biggest platforms I’ll be streaming on are Facebook Gaming and YouTube, and I’ll be toying with a few others as well. No, I won’t move to Kick, so don’t even bother with that crap…and I don’t particularly wanna hear about any of the other crypto/web3 backed platforms, so get out of here with that.

More details will be coming shortly, including a link to the Discord.

2023 Plans and Goals

Let’s face it. 2022 sucked all of the ass. It’s been an absolutely terrible year, and depression/anxiety made it all the worse.

I’m manifesting it now: 2023 is gonna be the year I get my shit back together and return to my former “glory”.

Goals for 2023:

  • Get a voice acting role
  • Get back into my charity fundraising for Extra Life
  • Get an AP put together, even if it’s just a one shot.

I’m looking forward to the new year. Gonna be a fun time!